Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quickie - PDFs - middle mouse button

Here's a quickie. Most may already know this, but I didn't so surely someone else doesn't, :P. When using a PDF reader (at least for Okular and Foxit) you can click the middle mouse button on the scroll bar and it will take you to that area of the PDF.

edit: This also works for any window in Ubuntu (and maybe for Windows too?). I feel lame that I didn't already know this, :P.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LaTeX - Placing a figure or image in a table

This is pretty cool, easy, and helpful. I have some tables that I took a snapshot of and made them images. However, in my thesis I want to display these "figures" as a table. I found out how to do it here. (Great blog that I have linked to and spoken about before on LaTeX.)

I will post my code and an image later.

Grammar Rules: Apostrophes

Well, I thought I would list some grammar help/rules/tips and links since I will be writing most of my life from here on out as a scientist. Now science and I imagine other fields can bend/break rules since they are not writing a strict literature. It's kind of like novelist who can and have to write "non-perfect" grammar and writing styles or rules.

Anyways, this post is about apostrophes. I always forget if you need the 's for possession for a name that ends in s. I found out here

that the 's is not necessary but preferred. I will post more helpful links later.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Some Quick Keyboard Shortcuts - Ubuntu, Okular, Foxit PDF Reader

Here is another quickie, ;). When looking at files in Ubuntu, I like to usually see them in list form since I am usually hunting down a PDF of a paper. Just hit Crtl+2 to quick view the list view.

In Okular, Kile's default PDF reader, which is pretty good I might add, hit F7 to toggle between viewing the sidebar or not. In Foxit hit F4.

Kile - Moving File Tabs

Ahhhh, finally. I always thought it would be nice if you could move the tab files around since I like them in a certain order sometimes. I thought for sure there was a way to do it but haven't found it....until now!! Simply click and hold the middle mouse button, and viola, the tabs can be moved by scrolling to the left or right!!