Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Ok, finally I got close to what I wanted to accomplish with posting the old posts. I have changed my mind and decided not to post about my research on this blog. I will, however, create another blog for that purpose. The blog will focus mainly on tips for problems that I have run across in research, dealing mostly with computer technology.

One update for the Word problems. I think I am going to attempt to write the PhD thesis in Latex because my thesis plans to be quite large and I don't want to deal with Word crashing like it likes to so with large documents.

Also, I kept having issues with Word and MathType. Word kept crashing unless MathType was disabled. I finally figured out a solution through my colleague Michel Akiki. Word or Microsoft has the option to install a repair kit. So that is what I did, and well, it actually found the problem and fixed it. It actually worked!! Just another idea if you run into problems like I have had and the registry or template fix doesn't help.

Oh, I have also read that Word can get funky when it is opened and the computer shuts down to restart in order to complete the automatic updates. This has happened to me so I disabled the automatic download, installation, and restart.

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