Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ubuntu - Numeric keypad stops working fix

Okay, just found this one out.  Was working and all of a sudden the numeric keypad stopped working.  At first I thought it was cause an update failed to upload correctly so I reinstalled that.  Still didn't work.  Thought I had hit a key on my keyboard, but no the numlock was on and the keypad would light up (normally does this) when I hit a button.  I remember now in hindshight that pressing the numbers and my mouse pointer once moved.  Stumped and frustrated I finally googled and found the solution:

Numerical keypad doesn't work w/8.04

Seems like there is a bug, still not fixed yet in 10.10 that somehow triggers the accessibility option to allow the keypad to control the mouse.  Weird.  Go to System->Preferences->Assistive Technologies->Keyboard Accessibility->Mouse Keys and uncheck the box next to Control Mouse with Keypad.

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