Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quickie - Keyboard shortcuts

Ok, here is another shortcut that I "knew" about but at the same time didn't know about. I always wondered how some people could use the keyboard and not the mouse to do so many things on the computer, especially in document setting or any typing setting such as programming. Again, I feel lame for not knowing this. I know and use quite often keyboard shortcuts such as

cut, copy, and paste (crtl + x, c, v), save and save as (ctrl + s, ctrl-shift + s), and undo (ctrl + z),

but I finally figured out some selection tools,

ctrl + arrow (left or right)

will jump to the beginning of each word and

shift + the arrow keys (l or r)

will select and highlight each letter as you use the arrow keys. I know, simple and something I should have probably already known. However, I am sure some, like myself, were not aware or it has not been brought to their attention. So try it out and I encourage you to use keyboard shortcuts when ever possible. It allows for seamless typing so you don't have to stop and grab the mouse, line up the correct spot, etc. However, if you feel comfortable doing it your way and feel that it is faster, then of course do what feels best for you and of course using the mouse/touch pad is quicker in some situations. Just a suggestion, especially if you program or type a lot like myself. Some that I am sure programming/typing gurus use all the time. I am sure there are many other shortcuts that I will stumble upon later.

edit: I found another, told ya! To select the whole word and highlight it use

crtl-shift + left or right arrows

Another one:

crtl + backspace

will delete the whole word that ctrl + left arrow would have brought to the beginning or crtl-shift + arrow would have selected

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