Friday, May 20, 2011

Ubuntu Unity - Sidebar getting stuck

Edit: 9-15-11, looks like Ubuntu's latest update has fixed this!!
One thing that frustrates me about Ubuntu 11.04 and Unity is when I am in Mendeley Desktop and want to combine authors or do something on the LHS the sidebar will pop up and remain there blocking part of the window. At first I thought it was broken, but it is, not really buggy, just flawed. The way I figured how to get it to hide again is go to somewhere like an internet page and click and drag across some text to highlight, then click in the highlighted text and drag away like you're going to place it somewhere else where you'll see the hand in a fist, the transparent text, and a plus sign, and the side bar will hide again once you release the button.

Also see here where I posted on AskUbuntu -

What to do when Unity's Launcher gets stuck open? -


  1. The method to hide the stuck sidebar worked for me. Thanks!

  2. wow. a work-around for the stuck-sidebar issue! thanks!

  3. Can't tell you how many times I've closed programs (especially wine-apps seems to make it act up) to fix this.
    Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. You're the man!!!
    KDE in 11.04 is crashing the whole time and wasn't about to go back to gnome, so I'm stuck with Unity with it's sidebar getting stuck the whole time.
    Thanks for this simple solution!!!!

  5. omg it worked! Thanks so much!

  6. Looks like Ubuntu's latest update has fixed this!!

  7. unity --replace & is a cool command

  8. Your solution of highlighting text and dragging it doesn't work for me.

    1. Sorry to hear. If you are running 12.04 then the default setting of the unity launch bar is now visible at all times.
      Here is a link which explains how to enable the bar to auto hide like it did before.

      Here is a thread which seems to describe the launch bar as being buggy. Check it out to see if there is anything to help. I haven't messed with the bar in 12.04 yet. I will post if I run into problems.