Saturday, June 9, 2012

Getting Python to work in Windows - Python 2.7.2, Python(x, y), Sypder2, and Mayavi2

Ok, whew, I finally got a good grasp on installing Python in Windows 7.  I had it installed first (through Python(x,y) also apparently) but was having issues with getting Mayavi to work (or so I thought then, could have been ok I just didn't understand the structure until I got it to work now; not sure if I really understand, but whatever, it works).

So, I decided to uninstall everything again, and then re-install because I really had forgotten how I did it in the first place.  After some googling and browsing, I knew I wanted to use and install Spyder because I had it before.  So I went to the site then found a link to  However, I kept seeing Windows - Python(x,y).  So read and browsed a little more to find that Python(x,y) is a one stop for all source.  It not only installs Python, Spyder, IPython, and libraries such as Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, etc., but it also installs many other packages such as the IDLE simple IDE/editor, Mayavi2, etc. (all are options of course).  Python(x, y) also is integrated with or as (I don't yet understand) a Qt framework (again, not so sure what Qt is/does; like Java app development maybe?).

Qt links:

Here is a nice schematic displaying the integration of Python(x, y) from

Python(x, y) home page link:

Python(x, y) installer download page:

The latest Python(x, y) version is and simply download and run the installer .exe file: Python(x,y)-

I kept everything default under the installation except I added the SymPy library/package under the Python expansion.

Notice all the packages that come with Python(x, y):

Important note!  The Mayavi website says to make sure ETS (short for Enthought Software?) is checked for the installation of Mayavi.

Python(x, y) installs with it Python 2.7.2

Although, there have been releases of Python 3.x (3.2.3 as the latest stable) and a more recent 2.7.x as 2.7.3.  It seems that packages aren't caught up to 3.x yet, so it may be best to use 2.7.x for now?  See these links for more:

After installation, I feel more comfortable and confident that Python and packages such as Mayavi are installed properly.  I was getting an error before that Mayavi couldn't be found.

This is proof!
Spyder is installed too.

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