Sunday, September 1, 2013

Another site for Ubuntu

Whelp, it's been awhile since I've messed with Ubuntu (and this blog!).  I just upgraded from 11.01/12.04 to 13.04 so I think I missed most of 12.04, all of 12.10, and 13.04 (with another release right around the corner, 13.10 in October).  Was using a Windoze laptop and desktop for school.  My desktop has been down for the count with a power issue for a long time, and I haven't had the time to mess with it.  I turned in my school laptop so I had to revert back to this laptop.  This Ubuntu is partially broken, but works for the most part.  I've got a Surface Pro from school to use as well.  Not real impressed with is so far, but it's decent for lightweight Windows usage compared to a traditional laptop.

Anyways, I thought I'd post another Ubuntu website which I thought might be helpful.

It's called n00bs on Ubuntu

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