Friday, January 21, 2011

LaTeX - Having a section level underneath \subsubsection

Ah, wow, I found this on fellow blog Please Make a Note. I was wondering if you could have a section underneath the level of \subsubsection, and it turns out you can (numbered or not). I was simply just making the text bold and/or italic to set it off as a separate subsubsubsection in LaTeX. Apparently, the \paragraph is the level under \subsubsection and \subparagraph under that. To number use


Then the levels are as follows:

\section{} % level 1
\subsection{} % level 2
\subsubsection{} % level 3
\paragraph{} % level 4 - equivalent to subsubsubsection
\subparagraph{} % level 5

Taken from:

Saad, T. "How to Activate \subsubsubsection in LaTeX". Weblog entry from Please Make A Note.

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