Thursday, March 8, 2012

Transferring files, syncing, and authorizing-deauthorizing on iTunes

So, I decided to finally update my iOS on my iPhone 3GS.  I haven't done this in awhile since I don't usually use Windows and I could never get iTunes to work in Wine (I don't remember if it will at all) nor I have finished my VirtualBox Windows installation (I have to do something to get it to recognize USB drives and just haven't done it).  Anyways, I wanted to back my iPhone up before updating from 4.3.3 to 5.1 and was having trouble doing it.  I needed to authorize a laptop but couldn't since I already had 5 other computers authorized.  I decided to deauthorize all 5 (yes all 5 since there is no option to pick or choose, BOO).  I selected this option, signed in, but iTunes gave me a message saying it couldn't access iTunes and to come back later and try again.  What the heck?!  I tried it a few more times with the same result.  So I then began to look for help on Apple's website.  Garbage.  The website is no help and this is why I am writing this blog.  Couldn't find an email address for customer support like Apple's site suggested.

Anyways, I went back and tried the deauthorization route a few minutes later.  Wow, it magically worked.  I then clicked under File the option to transfer all purchases.  Woohoo!  It finally worked.  So, I am writing this in case anyone got as frustrated as I did for this simple task.

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