Monday, April 9, 2012

Adobe flash plugin not working on any web browser - Ubuntu 11.10 - fixed

Guess what?  Flash sucks, especially with Ubuntu, but until HTML5 takes over we are stuck with flash.  For some unknown reason flash began NOT to WORK at ALL on my Ubuntu 11.10 machines (plural!). I tried everything!  Finally, I got one machine to work by installing the sevenmachines PPA or so I thought.  Apparently the sevenmachines PPA just went obsolete.

Anyways, my final fix:

1.  Saw (in USC of all places!) where Gnash is supposedly conflicting with the flashplugin-installer, so I removed it.

2.  I then typed flashplugin-installer into the USC and installed or made sure it was installed.

Not sure if this is the actual fix or if I got a combination by luck.  I also have NO idea why this works or why the flash began to mess up in the first place.  I think it may have begun with an Ubuntu update.  Anyways, good luck, hope this helps someone.

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