Thursday, April 19, 2012

Update on the xfrac LaTeX package (\sfrac command) - TeX Live - Ubuntu 11.10

I was trying to compile my LaTeX document and thought I had all the packages I needed for TeX Live because I was working on a fairly new computer on which I had just installed Ubuntu 11.10 and relevant goodies.  I had the xfrac package initialized in the preamble and was using the /sfrac command for a better looking slanted fraction.  I was getting an error:

"xfrac.sty not found"

and was quite confused because I thought I had all the dependencies installed.  The old dependency was texlive-math-extra, but it has now been moved to texlive-latex3.  I scrolled through the USC and sure enough I had missed this package install.  Installed it, and BAM!  It works!!

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