Friday, April 11, 2014

Free PDF cropper!

Pretty cool app!

No installation required. Just click the start button,
Take those extra margins aways with easy cropping tool!
Drop margins from all pages by drawing just one crop area!
Avoid accidentally cropping some texts
See all pages together in stacked view
Scanned book? Crop odd/even pages separately
Complex pdf? Crop individual pages separately with full freedom.
Create crop areas easily
Draw, resize, move crop areas
Copy / paste crop areas using usual Ctrl +C / Ctrl + V
I myself faced a lot of difficulties to read pdf in kindle (and mobile phones / internet tablets), specially the image based pdfs (scanned image pdfs). Got tired of zooming and scrolling while reading a nice book. So created this to help me 'dive into the reading'. I hope it helps you too.

Why free? Well, I like programming and I needed the tool, so I would have created it anyways :P
To run the app, just click those buttons on the left
Those will launch the app directly...
no hassle
It will use 'Java webstart' technology. You need to have latest Java in your computer.
The app does not modify the original pdf, it creates a new pdf with the new crop areas that you will draw.
If you run the offline version, it will create a shortcut on desktop (and also to programs menu on windows). You can use that to run the app without internet connection.
If you have internet connection, app will keep itself automatically updated, no need to worry about getting the latest version.
NOTE: The app does NOT upload any file / any data from user's computer, the pdfs are cropped on user's machine.
Another note: App may ask to connect to Google sites, don't worry, it does that only to check whether there is any updated version of the app. It's an open source app and I have no intent to collect any user data.

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