Monday, April 21, 2014

How to update date and time in header footer in PowerPoint 2010

Ok, so this may be stupid, but since Microsoft products are used heavily in my new work environment, I "have" to (well I don't have to, but I want to) learn shortcuts and things such as overlay modifiers, for example, what I am posting now, in how to update a date amongst slides.

So, I have been given a PowerPoint for internal weekly progress reports.  The PowerPoint had a master slide which I am familiar with since I did use PP for school presentations.  I tried to change the date on "the" master slide.  However, this did not update the date for all slides.  I tried to Google and look up a way to update a date/time insert.  All I found were how to simply insert the date or insert/change the date for headers/footers.  I was "unaware" that the date was inserted on the slides as a footer, and I was thinking I could insert a text box with some type of "code" for the date which would update automatically when changed.  At any rate, I was simply thinking about it too much and in a roundabout way.  I simply just needed to go to the Insert tab then Header and Footer.  There you can change the date and its format and then apply to all slides!  Stupid and small, but I have to become more efficient in other things other than just LaTeX.  I will be heavily involved with Microsoft products, such as Excel and PP.  Not that I was ever against using them, I'd just prefer other software.

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