Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More on LaTeX editors: TeXworks, Texmaker, Kile, GEdit-LaTeX, Vim-LaTeX, TEA Text Editor, LaTeXila, and Winefish

Whelp, here I am again, debating on what LaTeX editor to use, :P.  I think I am going to try Texmaker out again.  The reason I am switching is that (not sure if was TeXworks itself, but I was using it so I am going to blame it, :P) I opened chapter 2 of my thesis and got a bunch of junk!  I don't know wth happened, but it looked like it had become corrupted.  It looked as if a log file was saved instead of my work.  Luckily, most LaTeX editors have backups of everything.  However, the latest backup TeXworks had wasn't the latest I know I had completed and saved!!  Luckily, I hadn't done much to the chapter so it will be easily fixed.

Thus, I am irritated with TeXworks so I am going to try Texmaker again.  The reason why I am trying Texmaker and not Kile is the fact that Texmaker is cross-platform.  A few things I have noticed since using Texmaker again.  One, is that I think my issue with the syntax coloring has partly to do with the type of font.  So I am going to experiment with fonts to see how they please my eyes.  However, Texmaker does not let you preview fonts like Kile, a con.

Here are some pics on Texmaker's font and syntax coloring and Kile's syntax coloring.

Another small thing that I don't like about Texmaker as compared to Kile and TeXworks is that in Texmaker you have to open up files one by one.  You cannot select more than one file at a time while in Kile and others like TeXworks you can.

Also, when scrolling through the tabs in TeXmaker, you cannot scroll through the last tab into the first again for a cycle while in Kile you can.  Heh, I may be switching to Kile again!  Oh well, a learning process

A few more editors to possibly try are Linux/Ubuntu's GEdit (text editor).  It has a LaTeX plug-in.  There is also a similar software/program/text editor to Emacs called Vi/Vim which stands for Vi Improved.  A few more in Ubuntu's software repositories are TEA Text Editor, LaTeXila, and Winefish.

One note about Vim and Emacs is that they are designed for optimizing keyboard use.  They maximize time spent using the keyboard with tons of shortcut commands.







A few discussions I found through Google over LaTeX editors.








Best editor for Debian. - http://www.latex-community.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=9033&start=0

Here is a great in-depth blog post that reviews some LaTeX editors.  Has some cool animated pictures!!


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