Friday, February 4, 2011

More on TeXworks

A few things I have noticed about TeXworks since I have started using it. One, you cannot tab your files together as in Kile and Texmaker. This can be a little annoying if you have several files to work with and end up with a bunch of open windows on your OS system bar. This doesn't bother me enough to switch back at the moment. Second, there are no keyboard shortcuts that I am aware of for quick typing such as a math environment (such as, I think it is crtl+atl m for Kile and ctrl+shft m for Texmaker, I may have those backwards). Kile also does offer the nice amenity of auto-completion of words and environments (not sure if Texmaker had this or not, I think it auto-completes environments). Finally, it seems that in TeXworks when an error appears, you correct it, and try to re-run the file, TeXworks gets "stuck" so you have to clear the auxiliary files (such as .toc, .aux, etc.). Not a big deal, but I originally though you had to clear by hand, but luckily TeXworks has a command under the File menu to do this. A little annoying since it erases the memory of the bibliography and cross-references so you might have to run pdflatex two or three times.

I googled something like "keyboard shorcuts for math environment in TeXworks" and found a log/forum of some people asking for this to be implemented in TeXworks. Looks like a patch is here and could work. I haven't tried it yet. Have at it:

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  1. TeXworks has a really nice and usefull autocompletion wich is completely configurable.