Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update on Kile and Texmaker (and some TeXworks)

Alright, well I tried running Texmaker on my old laptop last night and was having trouble, probably due to my laptop.  Anyways I keep getting drawn back to Kile, so I think I will move between both.  I will probably stay on Kile when on Ubuntu and use Texmaker when I have to use Windows.

So one feature about Kile I really like, is its find and replace abilities.  I didn't really like TeXworks or Winedt's find features.  TeXworks is ok, but Kile's is quite nice, and IMO, blows the others out of the water.

Kile's find feature:

Well I just found out with a quick test that Texmaker's is just as good.  Both Kile and Texmaker make it seamless to quickly find words with an on the fly popup menu while TeXworks and Winedt made it painful where you had to keep hitting crtl+f!

Texmaker's find feature:

Ok, just got burned.  I just tested TeXworks again for a screenshot, and I noticed that there is an option for "Find all places" or something like that.  It also has a dropmenu for previous searches.  So TeXworks seems to be maybe just a notch under Kile and Texmaker.  I also imagine that Winedt has a similar feature that I missed too.

 So as of right now, to me, Kile and Texmaker seem to be the best LaTeX editors for Ubuntu/Linux where Texmaker is cross-platform so I would use it for Windows.  They both have a few better features than the others, but otherwise are pretty equal.

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