Friday, November 11, 2011

LaTeX package xfrac and command \sfrac

In order to use the \sfrac command in math mode to produce a slanted fraction, the package xfrac must be used.


  1. Can you tell us how to download the xfrac package, please? I'm getting this error: "File `xfrac.sty' not found." I use Texmaker and Ubuntu 12.04.

    1. Well, looking into this it appears the xfrac package is in the TexLive package texlive-latex3. You can install this either under the Ubuntu Software Center or through the Synaptic Package Manager. However, after googling it, it seems there may be a conflict between the latex3 package and the texlive-math-extra package. It seems that xfrac was once part of math-extra before being reassigned to latex3.

      In a later post I seem to run into the same problem, and the issue is fixed once I install latex3. However, looking at my current installation latex3 is not currently install yet xfrac still works. However, the package says,

      "This is a transitional package for texlive-latex3 to ensure proper
      upgrade to texlive-latex-recommended. It can be safely removed after the
      installation is complete."

      I recently upgraded to TeXLive 2012and then installed the full version which pulls in all packages. It is called texlive-full.

      So in short try installing the txlive-latex3 to see if that works.