Saturday, July 14, 2012

gnome classic panel + unity launcher in ubuntu 12.04 precise - YouTube

gnome classic panel + unity launcher in ubuntu 12.04 precise - YouTube

edit: Well so much for that.  Compiz is apparently crashing I can't run the command anymore :(  SO I just moved the Avant bar back to the bottom, not bad, but not Unity either.  Ubuntu really needs to fix these issues including supporting multiple monitors (more than two) with ease if they want to stop the bleeding.  Fortunately, there really isn't a competitor out there (for me at least) that I have found.

Heck yeah!  I'm using GNOME classic (fallback session) because it's the only one that can run my Quad monitors fairly well (Wasn't a huge fan of Kubuntu nor Xubuntu.  I liked them but they seemed to be slow at times and things would crash on me for some reason. I've just always come back to Ubuntu-GNOME classic.)

Anyways, I really liked the Unity launch bar and tried to replace it with Avant, Cairo, and Docky.  Cairo looked nice, but I had issues with windows blocking it and didn't feel like trying to fix it.  Avant worked pretty well but once I filled up the side bar it's scrolling feature sucked.

Finally, found this, duh.  You can launch the Unity 2D shell in GNOME classic!!  The Unity 2D login didn't work for quads either which is why I am not using it if you are wondering.


sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback unity-2d-launcher

if not already installed, then log into GNOME classic, open a terminal, and run:


The thing is I've probably read how you could do this, but I just didn't realize it.  The whole Unity, Unity 2D, GNOME, GNOME classic thing can be quite confusing.

Here is a nice post which goes into quite some detail (scroll down to the comment section as well; the author puts several informative responses there).

See the thing is this link^^^ says install GNOME desktop which now seems to include the GNOME 3 shell/desktop, the GNOME classic, and the GNOME classic (no effects).  Quite confusing because you can install the GNOME classic with a different command I thought.  It also seems, now that I understand, that GNOME classic simply runs on top of GNOME 3 with the GNOME 2 look alike desktop...?  Whatever, it works so far with me and my quads and I'm happy with the desktop (not Xubuntu, Kubuntu, etc).  I think I'll try to figure this out and break it down in another post some other time.

edit: plus each one runs on different window management systems such as compiz, metacity. etc...sheesh

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