Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kile Issue: Toolbars and menus gone

[kubuntu] Kile problem: Toolbars and menus gone after upgrade to hardy - Ubuntu Forums

^^Linked from this thread: [ubuntu] kile: menu bar disappeared - Ubuntu Forums:

This is weird.  The menu bar where File, Edit, View, etc. had disappeared from Kile.  I still had the toolbar with the New, Open, etc. buttons.  Must have happened when I reinstalled Kubuntu and Xubuntu cause my GNOME classic had messed up (It was my fault, I had tried messing with it to get the windows to snap but never did and ended up messing some things up where it wouldn't work correctly at all.  Finally got back GNOME classic working again.  Leaving it alone for now.  I think it stems from my quad monitor setup.  *sigh* Maybe one day Ubuntu-Unity will work flawlessly with quads.  I probably could figure it out messing with the xconfig, but I don't have the time or patience at the moment.  Anyhoo...).  The fix which worked for me was:

I stumbled across this problem lately and this thread was the only hint to a solution that I could find. A very simple fix is to restore Kile to its default settings by removing your own settings (this does not affect your user defined shortcuts). Close Kile, open a terminal and type
rm $HOME/.kde/share/config/kilerc
Restart Kile. Done.


  1. Thanks for the tip; it worked! Go Vols!

    1. Great! Boo Vols! Haha, I grew up in Nashville as a Vandy fan! Love the school of UT just can't cheer for the sports teams! I know, weird.