Friday, August 12, 2011

MATH2071: LAB 10: BVPs and PDEs

MATH2071: LAB 10: BVPs and PDEs

Some good stuff on numerical PDEs including the MOL.

Boundary Value Problems
Shooting Methods
Discretizing a BVP
A Heat Equation
The Method of Lines

This is the homepage:

MATH2071 - Numerical Methods in Scientific Computing II -

MATH 2071 is a graduate level introduction to Numerical Analysis that includes both lecture and laboratory sessions.

LAB #1(a): Preliminaries for new students (3 sessions)
LAB #1(b): Adaptive 2D quadrature for students who took 2070 last term. (3 sessions)
LAB #2: Norms, Errors and Condition Numbers (2 sessions)
LAB #3: Solving Linear Systems (4 sessions)
LAB #4: Factorizations (3 sessions)
LAB #5: Singular Value Decomposition (2 sessions)
LAB #6: The Eigenvalue Problem (3 sessions)
LAB #7: Iterative Methods (3 sessions)
LAB #8: Explicit ODE methods (2 sessions)
LAB #9: Implicit ODE methods (3 sessions)
LAB #10: BVP and PDE's (2 sessions)

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