Sunday, August 21, 2011

wxMaxima - University of Hawaii Calculus Notebooks

Some wxMaxima "notebooks" over various calculus topics and examples from the University of Hawaii.


Calculus Demonstration Sessions

Updated July 5, 2011

Below are a collection of wxMaxima sessions which are saved with the file names *.wxm. By downloading these files and opening them in wxMaxima you can modify and experiment with them to learn how to use the program. In addition, for each session there is a PDF version which can viewed using the Adobe Reader.

Some of the programs use just basic operations and graphing while others are somewhat sophisticated. They use the more powerful drawing package and animation features. In either case, you need only right-click the wxm link and download the file to your computer. In IE this is the “Save target as ...” option on the right-click menu. By double clicking the downloaded fine you can view the inputs and outputs. Note that you will need to evaluate each expression in the files below by clicking the expression and then using Shift-Enter to evaluate it.

Some of the complicated animations will take a few seconds to load so be patient. Once the slides have been produced you click the graph window and use the slider on the top menu bar to view the animation.

- Basic calculations and algebra

- Basic lab graphing

- Parametric curves

- Polar plots

- Tangent lines

- Velocity vector

- Table & graphs

- Sine limit

- Discontinuous functions

- Functions & derivatives

- Sliding ladder

- Implicit functions

- Newton's method

- Max/min problem

- Riemann sums

- Area between curves

- Surface plotting and contour animation

- Direction fields and solving first order ODEs

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