Friday, September 23, 2011

LaTeX Math - Horizontal spacing

Here are the spacing commands for LaTeX in math mode.

\quad - a space equal to the current font size (horizontally)

\qquad - is a double \quad

\, or \thinspace - small space, 3/18 of a quad

\: or \medspace - medium space, 4/18 of a quad

\; or \thickspace- large space, 5/18 of a quad

\! - negative small space, -3/18 of a quad

\negmedspace - negative medium space, -4/18 of a quad

\negthickspace - negative large space, -5/18 of a quad

The \medspace, \thickspace, \negmedspace, and \negthickspace commands require the amsmath package.

Found the full forms here: Special LaTeX Characters - 6. Math spacing commands -

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