Monday, September 5, 2011

MathJax - displaying LaTeX math in Blogger

Ok, so I apparently either forgot to post this or it somehow got erased. I think I just forgot. Anyways, this is what I found to use to display LaTeX math in my Blogger post. MathJax also displays MathML. You can install a javascript into you Blogger template or install MathJax to work from your own server.

I did the install from the CDN. I posted this Javascript into my Blogger template. I think you could do it for just post with LaTeX math displays, but I figured this would be the easiest way to do it. It may pose problems later, but we'll see.
<script type="text/javascript"

My screen shot of where I pasted the Javascript in my Blogger template. Just go to the Edit HTML tab. I pasted it near the top of the template and it works! (At least for me and my template.)

To insert inline equations you must use:
To insert a set off "mathdisplay" equations you can use:
 \[...\], $$...$$, \begin{equation}...\end{equation} 
or any other math environment such as:

MathJax - Beautiful math in all browsers -

From their website:
MathJax is an open source JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all modern browsers.

No more setup for readers. No more browser plugins. No more font installations… It just works.

MathJax features and benefits

High-quality typography. MathJaxTM uses modern CSS and web fonts, instead of equation images or Flash, so equations scale with surrounding text at all zoom levels. See how this works in the scaling math demo.

Simple integration. Using MathJax with blogs, wikis, web pages and other web apps is easy. Learn more about installing MathJax with popular platforms like WordPress, MediaWiki, Drupal, and more.

A rich API. Allows developers to create interactive course materials, advanced authoring tools, and math-enabled web apps. Learn how more about programming with MathJax

Works in all modern browsers. This allows the math in your content to be seen clearly by virtually all readers, even those using smart phones. See
supported browsers..

Copy and paste math. Let readers copy equations from your web pages into Word and LaTeX documents, science blogs, research wikis, calculation software like Maple, Mathematica and more. Watch the copy and paste demo.

Accessible math. MathJax is compatible with screenreaders used by people with vision disabilities, and the Zoom feature allows all readers to see small details like scripts, primes and hats. See how to make your math accessible.

Logo from their website:

Pleas donate if you like!
If you like MathJax, please consider making a donation. This helps pay for CDN charges, rapid bug response and browser testing. Thank you for your support! (Please note MathJax is not a tax-exempt US 501c entity).

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