Monday, July 25, 2011

Beamer theme matrix, gallery, and more

I am trying to provide an ample list of links for Beamer and beamer themes. I have included screenshots to make previewing easier. Also see my first post on Beamer for a few more links

Here is a link that gives you some ideas on combinations of themes for Beamer. You can click on the individual image for a larger size view.

Beamer Theme Matrix

Beamer theme gallery -

A list of some custom beamer themes:

Latex Beamer Themes -

A couple of post from

Creating slides with the Beamer LaTeX class -

Beamer Themes -

A blog post with a great list of themes.

Beamer Themes -

I REALLY like how this guy's website is setup too!

Another nice post of Beamer themes with thumbnails.

Short presentation of the LaTeX beamer class -

A pretty useful and informative post.

How to make LaTeX Beamer prettier -

A great page that is up to date with all sorts of tidbits on Beamer use and customization.

A Beamer Quickstart by Rouben Rostamian -

The Fredeiksberg beamer theme:

Frederiksberg is a theme for beamer, which is a LaTeX package for typesetting presentation slides. The theme is designed for use at The University of Copenhagen (KU) and currently supports the look of the four faculties LIFE, NAT, SUND and SAMF, plus a "generic KU" look. It can mimic the Powerpoint templates provided from the KU design guide - but of course the end result is prettier with LaTeX, beamer and Frederiksberg than with Powerpoint!

The Frederiksberg beamer theme -

A blog post on how to modify the color theme in Beamer:

Simple Beamer’s Theme Modification in Linux -

LaTeX Wikibook:

LaTeX/Presentations -

Download a Beamer example:

Presentations Using LaTeX - The Beamer Class [pdf]

A GREAT Beamer presentation example with the code in the presentation files.

LaTeX slides with beamer - So much better than PowerPoint [pdf]

Another good Beamer presentation example for DL

A Beamer Tutorial in Beamer [pdf]

A blog post with the Vortrag theme with code and pdf.

Beamer (Vortrag) -

Beamer-Examples.tex -

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