Sunday, July 10, 2011

Posting LaTeX equations in Blogger

Here are some links to a few useful ways to post LaTeX equations in Blogger.

First a set of links from PMAN. The first is the latest followed by a couple of older ones to show you PMAN's progression. I "shared" the post earlier and I accidentally switched two in chronology. Here they are in correct order from latest to earliest.

Please Make A Note: How to Post LaTeX Equations in Blogger

Edit: 8-5-11

Well, the codecogs thing is nice but not perfect. It doesn't seem to work with LaTeX environments such as
\begin{align} \end{align}

These are outdated, but maybe interesting reads for readers.

How to Post Math Equations in Blogger Using Latex

How to Post Math Equations in Blogger using ASCIIMathMIL

Edit: 8-5-11, I couldn't get this thing to work. I don't recommend it.

A couple of links from WatchMath @ The first post is the latest, some links were moved. The second is old but a full explanation of the process. Also check out the rest of the blog. I haven't looked at it much, but it seems to have some good stuff there such as math videos and posts.

How To Install Latex On Blogger/Blogspot - July 10th, 2009

The mathtex server is down. Change mathtex2.js on the script into mathtex3.js.

Mathtex3.js using the mathtex server of John Forkosh.

There were some people who moved from Blogger to WordPress because the later has a capability to render math formula/equation/symbols by using LaTeX syntax. I also observed that there are many math Blogger who faithfully stay with Blogger. I believe that given the some capability to write math formula as in WordPress will give more power to the blogger to express their idea and also to make the reader easier to grasp the ide on their article. Besides that of course having latex on your blog make your blog more beautiful . Ok without further ado here are the steps to enable latex on your blogger (thanks to John Forkosh for his mathtex public server and thanks to Randall Farmer for his replacemath javascript)

Finally here is where I found the link to at the blog The tools of the trade. I've also added both WatchMath and The tools of the trade to my blog list.

LaTeX in Blogger/Blogspot:
I was wondering if it would be possible to display latex formulas in Blogger - and of course it is. :-) I found a post by Watchmath describing how this can be done by adding a HTML/Javascript Gadget (like the "Blog Archive" on the right) with a little piece of javascript code. If it works, the following code

X(k) = \sum\limits_{i=0}^{N-1}x(n)e^{-2\pi ik \frac{n}{N}}

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