Friday, July 15, 2011

Presentations using LaTeX - the Beamer package

Wooooo!!! I am giddy with excitement. No more power point!!! Ok, so I am venturing into a new realm of LaTeX using Beamer to setup a pdf presentation. What I have seen so far is amazing. It can probably do most features of power point or any other office suit presentation creator. The best thing is not only having to not use PP, but also having the ability to simply cut and paste your LaTeX code!! I'll let you know more as it rolls in. Here are some helpful links:

Norm Matloff's Quick Tutorial on the Beamer Package for Slide Making in LaTeX -

One this ^ page is a great link which downloads a great example of using Beamer in Beamer (pdf) from Wake Forest:

Steve Wicker's slides -


After speaking with a colleague of mine about beamer, I decided to do a little more research. He/she suggested Keynote, an Apple product. They state that presentations should be graphic and that beamer is lacking in this sense. However and unfortunatley, Keynote is not free, and if it is cheap it will not run on anything but a Mac. Of course I respect opinions and everyone has there way and preferences. Mine of course is based on availability, how well it works, and the ability to create with some guidance. I think beamer could be quite nice as I think it can do enough graphic stuff and save me time with LaTeX "coding."

I found this nice forum discussing some graphics and beamer issues/alternatives/experiences. Some good links here and relatively up to date (Nov 2010). Some Ubuntu forum topics can be quite old and not helpful as Ubuntu is updated so frequntly.

Preparing presentation with Latex and Animation -

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