Friday, July 8, 2011

Linux distros - a good explanation of several of the most popular Linux distributions

I found this link which does an excellent job to describe the most popular/known/used different Linux distros.

I am thinking of testing out a few different distros other than the buntus since I have added two more monitors for a total of four screens. Apparently, the buntus and maybe Linux in general has issues with multiple monitor displays, especially displays which stretch the desktop to consecutively use them all. I have never had a problem with a dual setup. However, now with two video cards and four screen, I am having trouble getting more than two working together. Thus, I may check other distros to se if they can do a better job of handling this problem. It also seems that the newer releases are the most buggy for the Buntus which is backwards but I guess older versions have allowed people to tweak with them to work. I am thinking about Fedora and/or Linux Mint.

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