Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thunderbird email client by Mozilla and the AttachmentExtractor add-on

If you haven't already, I recommended trying Mozilla's free, open-source, cross-platform mail client called Thunderbird. It's pretty amazing. I have a couple of email accounts forwarded to Google's gmail. However, I was trying to download attachments from multiple emails. I began opening each email, waiting for virus scan to finish, then click on the file. Thunderbird has a plug-in for attachments which allows you to click on the emails with the attachments and download them in one swoop. Thunderbird was very easy to setup, all I did was enter my email account name and password and it automatically imported emails (not contacts, apparently, but I am sure there is a way).

To install the app or plug-in go to the Tool menu and click the Add-on option. Then just search by typing in attachments and the program AttachmentExtractor should be one of the, if not the, first app selections. Install and restart thunderbird and viola!

For Ubuntu users, Thunderbird is in the Software Center.

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