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LaTeX/Bibliography Management - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

The WikiBooks link for bibliographies.

LaTeX/Bibliography Management - Wikibooks, open books for an open world: "LaTeX/Bibliography Management"

Edit: 8-5-11

Some additional LaTeX bibliography links:

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Hypertext Help with LaTeX - \bibitem -

Here is a helpful link with some example bibliography entries using \bibitem;

The LATEX Bibliography Environment -

Here is an example of an integrated bibliography and one entry.


  Leslie Lamport,
  \emph{\LaTeX: A Document Preparation System}.
  Addison Wesley, Massachusetts,
  2nd Edition,


This code is inserted at the end of your document, usually right before the command


This can be helpful for smaller bibliographies or if the user doesn't want to make a separate .bib file. I usually prefer to just make a .bib file for each project since I have a master .bib file and I just copy and paste the needed references into the individual .bib file utilizing BibTeX The number nine inside the braces {9} depicts on the expected number of bibliography entries. For example, for under 10 the {9} is used, under 100 the {99} is used, etc.

Here is an example entry from one of my bibliography entries.

address = {Boca Raton, FL},
author = {\"{O}zişik, M. N.},
isbn = {0849324912},
mendeley-tags = {UTSI},
publisher = {CRC Press},
title = {{Finite Difference Methods in Heat Transfer}},
url = {\&pg=PA118\&dq=crank-nicolson\&hl=en\&ei=QAy6Tqf8Noa3twep\_83OBw\&sa=X\&oi=book\_result\&ct=result\&resnum=2\&ved=0CDUQ6AEwAQ\#v=onepage\&q=crank-nicolson\&f=false\_1\_1?s=books\&ie=UTF8\&qid=1320816443\&sr=1-1\&referer=brief\_results},
year = {1994}

Where I insert the command


at the end of the document before


The {nsrt} is a style preference and the {references-numerical-methods-and-cfd} is the filename of the .bib file.  I store the .bib file in the same folder as the corresponding .tex file.

I also use the


command to call for the natbib package in the preamble.  Natbib is an alternate citation style which allows for author-year style aka the Hardvard style.  Natbib allows one to switch between the general numeric LaTex and Harvard styles.

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